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Pedagogical Studies

using a Real English Video entitled:

What do you hope to achieve before you die?


- Video and Hot Potatoes -


Hot Pot exercises and video by Michael Marzio and team, for the 2005 REO Workshop with home base at the Real_English_Online Yahoo! Group

Optimized for Windows IE6 at 1024 x 768 & relatively compatible with Mac OSX I.E.5 and Mozilla Firefox - Highband is almost a must. If you have a slow modem connection, contact for other solutions for getting the relevant videos onto your hard disk via snailmail if you want to contribute to the workshop.


See existing contributions at & the workshop home at EFL- ESL teachers use Real English videos on their own sites for their own students' needs. Here are two examples: Glenys Hanson, at a French University,  and Josef Schiele at a Gymnasium in Germany. As a member of our workshop, YOU can do the same. Contact for details.

The Marzio School in France and Real English


1 - Do it like a student:

Click here to stream the entire "achieve" video.  Watching an entire video is usually the student's first step. This is longer than the average RE video at 10 and a half minutes. After clicking on the link immediately above, the video will appear in a few seconds thanks to your highband connection.


The video is broken down into individual dialogues, and even even into parts of sentences in the "exercises" which follow. These are Workshop Exos, with comments and questions for other teachers and hot potato makers, or for anyone interested in interactive ESL exercising with spontaneous video.


2 - Look at the contents below, click on "Exo (Exercise) 1", to get started.  These 16 "investigations into the pedagogy of exercises" touch upon less than 8% of the contents of the "Achieve" video. These exercises might first seem confusing because they are simultaneously addressed to students and to teachers/exercise-makers like myself, but you'll quickly get the hang of it, if the content interests you. 


3 - Some of my teacher friends would argue that it is better to get the students chatting about the videos rather than making interactive exercises for them. I agree about the chat. It's essential. And, despite all the work involved in getting it done right, chat is even more fun than making exos. I simply like to try to figure out what to do with these videos in 2 ways, for students who like to work on their own from time to time. The basic distinction, it seems, is deciding on whether we want to:


 present or quiz.


 These are the two poles of ESL video interactivity, I think, and I seem to make three basic types of exercises with HotPot:


- presentations wherein one visually shows to the student how X works in English, or "what it means" in English.

    This includes the hotpot video vocabulary cards to prepare them for "New Vocabulary" they will hear in the video,

    or exos visually demonstrating verb tense differences...


- quizzes wherein we see if the student already knew about all the content presented and gets everything right the first time, or

    whether the content was adapted to his level, and learned something he didn't know before thanks to the design of the exo.


- the combo: I find myself in hotpot situations where it simply seems to make sense to show and tell at the same time: "give them the answer if they search a bit, without giving them the answer" type of exo. There are a few examples below. Some are good.


- And then there is the placement test of course. The Real English video placement test is "complete" in beta stage and ready for input.




Thinking out loud and having fun with RE Video & Hot Pot 

Table of Contents:

Achieve Video & Exo(s)


Exo (Exercise) 1

An introduction/illustration inspired by David Crystal. David Crystal & James
  Exo 2 prep (preparation) Questions regarding what is normally the student's first exercise in Real English Online Exo 2
  Exo 3 prep Standard American English Exo 3
  Exo 4 prep A single question Exo 4
  Exo 5 prep Transcript work  Exo 5
  Exo 6 prep Karen & Karen Exo 6

Exo 7 prep

Karen & Karen 2  Exo 7
  Exo 8 prep Matching Summary  Exo 8
  Exo 9 prep JMix "Jumble" or Drag &Drop? Exo 9a - Exo 9b - Exo 9c 
  Exo 10 prep Presentation or quiz? Exo 10a Exo 10b 
  Exo 11 prep Doug & Theresa Exo 11a - Exo 11b - Exo 11c
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